Backflow Testing and Prevention

Looking for backflow testing and prevention services? Sweeney’s Plumbing are skilled and professional master plumbers operating throughout Northern Sydney. We supply, install, test and maintain backflow prevention devices for residential and commercial applications.

We work with a range of industries including strata, healthcare, hospitality, and commercial businesses. Our team is trained and highly experienced in backflow prevention device installation and can look after all your certification and testing requirements.


What is Backflow Prevention and Testing?

Backflow refers to the reverse flow of dirty, contaminated water, into clean water lines. This water may contain hazardous materials such as pesticides, chemicals or human waste.

Backflow prevention is where a device is installed to stop this contamination from occurring. Backflow testing is needed to ensure the device is properly installed and tested, so it’s able to function properly. Testing usually happens annually and you can incur a fine if it’s not completed on time.

Who Needs Backflow Testing?

Sweeney’s Plumbing will take care of all your backflow prevention and testing needs. We can even perform maintenance and repair work and send the relevant testing documentation to the local water authority. These properties may need backflow testing:

– Shops

– Restaurants

– Caravan parks

– Swimming pools

– Apartment complexes

– Residential properties

– Dental and medical facilities

– Production and manufacturing facilities

– Piers, docks and waterfront businesses

Swift and Affordable Backflow Prevention Services

Our expert plumbers have extensive training in installing, repairing, and maintaining backflow prevention devices in a range of facilities. We offer:

– Supply and installation

– Certification and testing

– Repairs and maintenance

– Audits and reports

– Vandal deterrents, valve protection


We Provide the Best Method of Backflow Prevention

There are multiple different types of backflow prevention that can be used. We assess your situation and use the best backflow prevention device for your needs. The main methods include:

– Air gaps

– Break tanks

– Double check valves

– Single check valves

– Pressure vacuum breaker

– Reduced pressure zone device

– Double check valve detector assembly

– Single check valve detector assembly

– Reduced pressure zone detector assembly

Backflow Testing and Prevention FAQs

Backflow testing time will vary depending on the property. But, typically, expect the plumber to be there for at least two hours. Tests need to be in-depth and required detailed documentation and if they find any problems, this may require extra attention.

Test are required by law, to be performed during normal business hours. This is because plumbing conditions can alter after hours.

If you fail the test, your backflow prevention system will need to be repaired or totally replaced. When the work is completed, you’ll need to have a new test and submit paperwork detailing the work done.

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