Blocked Drains – Maintenance and Repair Seven Hills & North Shore

A blocked drain is a problem that will never go away and shouldn’t be left in the hopes that it will improve itself over time. If anything, a blockage will only get worse and could end up costing you more in the long run. So don’t delay, call out for the assistance of our trained professionals right away.


Blocked Drains in Sydney

We deal with all kinds of blockages from within the home to more extensive problems in external sewer systems. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blocked storm water drain, a blocked toilet or even clogged up drains in the kitchen, we can clear the problem and get your home or business functioning properly once again.

Our services cover the general maintenance and restoration of damaged drainage systems for blocked drains in Sydney, North Shore. There are a variety of common problems that can cause issues with drainage systems such as cracked pipes, root intrusion, misaligned piping as well as fat and grease build ups. Whatever the problem, we ensure that all blockages are completely cleared and systems are running at their full potential in no time at all.

Rapid Response in the North Shore and Hills Area

We consider ourselves specialists in dealing with a plethora of plumbing problems and are fully equipped, licenced and insured so you can feel rest assured knowing you’ve made the right choice for clearing that obstruction.

We are able to get our team out to you swiftly and even offer emergency call out as we understand that blockages can occur at any time. If you are suffering from blocked drains in Sydney, why not contact Sweeney’s expert plumbers on 1800 219 682.


Helping to Keep Sydney’s Plumbing in Good Order

Dealing with plumbing properly requires a certain level of skill and expertise.

Whilst in the hands of a novice things can sometimes go to plan; however, there are many occasions when the complete opposite can happen. The reality is that disaster can easily strike.This is why it is vital to find a Sydney plumber that you can really trust.

Experienced Professional Plumbers

When it comes to plumbing services, Sydney has a lot of choice.

However, few companies can claim the level of experience that Sweeney’s can. We have been providing expert, friendly assistance in Sydney’s North Shore and Hills areas for nearly 30 years.This is just one of the many reasons why our customers come back to us time and time again.

Wide Range of Services

Plumbing can of course take many different forms.

You will be glad to know that we are skilled in the following key areas:

  • Emergency repairs
  • Blocked drains
  • Water leaks
  • Fitting and installation

Our fully insured plumbers take time to listen to each customer’s requirement. This way we can constantly deliver the highest service levels.

Affordable Plumbing and Maintenance

No job is too big, or indeed too small.

We pride ourselves in offering the most affordable solutions for both residential and commercial customers.

To ensure complete satisfaction, we offer FREE cost estimates before any work is commenced. Yet another reason that distinguishes us from much of the so-called competition.

Your First Choice

We understand that when you need an emergency plumber, you need assistance fast. For this and all your plumbing requirements, we have the solution.

**Calling 1800 219 682 will put you in touch with one of our master plumbers who will be able to provide all the help you need.

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