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Is your toilet blocked? Has a toilet blockage led to overflow? Call Sweeney’s Plumbing immediately for rapid toilet unblocking and repair. We are Sydney toilet clearing specialists and can help with any type of toilet blockage, minor and major. One of our skilled plumbers can be with you fast to identify the cause and rectify it in an efficient manner.

Not only will we deal with the immediate problem, but we can assist you in diagnosing the cause of frequent blockages and put a plan in place to stop them happening. Our vans are stocked and ready to deal with all types of toilet blockages and plumbing emergencies. We guarantee to offer the most effective and affordable toilet repair and unblocking services in Sydney.

What Are Common Reasons Toilets Get Blocked?

Toilets get blocked and backed up for many different reasons. A few common causes include:

  • Too much toilet paper
  • Non flushable wet wipes
  • Female hygiene products
  • Tree roots encroaching on pipes
  • Excessive amounts of hair
  • Pipe erosion or a malfunctioning pump

How to Avoid Sydney Blocked Toilets?

Prevention is always better than cure. Save yourself time and stress by preventing your toilet from clogging in the first place. Only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet. Keep a sanitary bin next to the toilet for wet wipes, cotton buds, feminine hygiene products, nappies and any other non-flushable items. If you have a business that suffers regular toilet clogs, contact Sweeney’s Plumbing to discuss putting a routine maintenance plan in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the cause of the blockage. If the clog is caused by a buildup of toilet paper, you may be able to use a plunger to get things moving yourself. If the blockage is more severe, call in a plumber who can use more advanced unclogging methods.
If your toilet water rises high and drains away slowly, you might have a partial blockage. A partial blockage can sometimes be removed by DIY methods. If the blockage refuses to budge, call Sweeney’s Plumbing for expert toilet unblocking services.

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