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Changing a tap washer is only a small part of the maintenance that should be carried out to prevent drips. A full service should be carried out every time instead of just changing a tap washer, to ensure the continued smooth flow of water. This will not only stop any leaking or dripping, but will maximise the life of your tapware and prevent jamming or seizing when you open or close your unit.

The following are the steps that Sweeneys Plumbing carry out when changing tap washers.

  1. The unit should first be disassembled
  2. The brass seat should then be attended to, by either shaving or replacing the seat as required
  3. The spindle should then be serviced by cleaning the threads, and then greasing the threads
  4. New O rings should be installed on the spindles
  5. The valve should then be replaced, that is, changing tap washer should now be carried out
  6. Finally, the last step in servicing the unit and not just changing tap washers: the whole basin sink and area should be cleaned down thoroughly.

This sounds like a lot, but can be done by an experienced plumber in less than half an hour. If your plumber doesn’t carry out all these steps then you’re not getting complete service or maximising the life of your tapware

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