Gas Hot Water

Continuous flow hot water heaters-storage heaters, talk to us about your options, we can install them all.
The benefits of having gas hot water installed to your home or business will save $$$ in the long term, so don’t delay.


Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water systems come in two mains types – instantaneous/continuous flow and storage tank. These are powered by gas from your main gas supply or from liquid petroleum gas (LPG) bottles outside your house. The upfront cost of a gas hot water system can be higher than an electric hot water system but is generally cheaper and more efficient to run.

Both instantaneous/continuous flow and storage tank gas hot water systems have benefits  so ask Your friendly team of plumbers from Sweeney’s Plumbing Service to help you decide which type of system is best for you and your home. Act now before your old heater makes the decision for you!!! Contact Sweeney’s Plumbing Service today on 1800 219 682 for more information about your hot water unit.

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