High Pressure Jetting

Do you have a blocked drain or a recurring drainage issue? This is a problem that will not go away and needs a professional plumbing service like Sweeney’s Plumbing. We have the experience and hi-tech equipment to deal with all types of drainage issues.

Our team uses CCTV camera drain inspections to pinpoint the cause of a blockage. Once we know what is blocking your drain, we use high pressure jetting to remove the blockage fast and safely. This method is better for your pipes and the environment, not leaving behind any nasty chemicals like some store-bought pipe cleaners.

Benefits of High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting is the best choice for blocked drains. The old electric eel was often abrasive in nature, causing more problems in the long run. High pressure water jetting reaches places the eel could not. The many benefits include:

– Saves you money. Water jetting is safe on your pipes and can prevent further problems down the road like cracks or erosion.

– Extremely effective. The combination of water and high-pressure blasts through any obstruction quickly.

– Safe and eco-friendly. Water jetting leaves behind no chemical residue like some drain cleaners.

– Prevents future problems. Since your plumber will use a CCTV camera inspection before jetting your pipes, other potential problems can be picked up.

– Versatile for use in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

What Can High Pressure Water Jetting Do?

Water jetting is the most effective way to clear drains and pipes. Because it’s so efficient, it saves you time and money and keeps your pipes in great condition. High pressure jetting can:

– Blast through tree roots

– Obliterate grease and fat build up

– Break up dirt, silt and debris

– Wash away grime and pipe scale

– Flush out the whole system

– Keep pipes clean so they last longer

Residential and Commercial Water Jetting

If you have a stubborn blockage, our plumbers will use high pressure water jetting to blast it out. We can handle any obstruction from small grease build ups to large tree root invasions.

Our team works on residential pipes, right up to large, industrial scale drainage systems. Water jetting is so effective, we guarantee to blast through even the toughest blockages and will not leave until your pipes are clear!

Skilled and Professional Sydney Plumbers You Can Trust

Our team is extremely experienced and has been repairing and replacing sewer drains throughout Sydney for years.

– Upfront pricing

– Quality workmanship guarantee

– Licensed and insured plumbers

– 24/7 emergency response

– On time, every time

High Pressure Water Jetting FAQs

A camera drain inspection is performed to locate the obstruction in a drain. Then a high-pressure hose with a specialised nozzle blasts water through the pipes and drains, to remove any obstructions and thoroughly clean out the system.

Water jetting is the most effective way to clear even the most serious clogs in your pipes, drains or sewer system. It also cleans out pipes, improving their efficiency and helping to reduce water bills.

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