Choosing the Right Hot Water System for Your Home May Save You Money

Did you know that water heating can account for almost a quarter of your home’s energy costs? If your hot water system is beginning to show its age, this could be the right time to do some research into alternative systems that are currently on the market.

These choices could save you money in the future and lessen the burden on your energy costs. There are four main types of water heating systems. Each of these has certain positives and negatives. Let’s take a look at them.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas is a popular choice, especially in the greater Sydney area as well as suburbs like Castle Hill, Kings Langley, Winston Hills and Cherrybrook.  Metropolitan areas and suburbs typically provide access to gas points, making these systems attractive to city and suburb dwellers.

The positives are that they are twice as fast in providing hot water as electric systems and they are much cheaper than electric systems.

The negatives have to do with the availability of gas. If you live in an area that doesn’t offer gas lines, using LPG bottles can add to the cost.

Solar Hot Water System

The solar hot water system is rapidly gaining in popularity. On the surface it’s a perfect system. It has no impact on the environment and it costs virtually nothing to run.

The negatives are the installation cost, which may exceed your budget. Other negatives include installing it in an area that doesn’t get a lot of sun may be ineffective and the water tank takes up a lot of space. But solar water heating is still a good system to be considered.

Electric Water Systems

These systems are becoming less attractive the more serious Australia becomes about the environment, as they generate the most greenhouse gases out of all the hot water system options. They are relatively inexpensive to install, but the costs add up down the road.

The pluses are that they can be installed indoors or outdoors and they produce hot water almost on demand.

The negatives, by far, are the high monthly electric bills and the fact that they may be banned by the Australian government. Add to that the need for a large tank and you can see why this is quickly becoming an unpopular option.

Heat Pump Systems

If you live in a cooler area with not a lot of extra space in your home, this is probably not the system for you. However, if live in a predominantly warm or hot area with a lot of space, this might be your answer.

It’s environmentally friendly, so you will be eligible for government rebates. It also lasts a long time and it’s cheaper than gas systems.

But it will cost you more in installation costs, it needs good ventilation and, as noted, it doesn’t work well in cooler regions.

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