How to Save Money on Your Plumbing?

While it’s tempting to ignore the plumbing until an emergency happens. If you spend a little time on routine repairs, maintenance and a few simple upgrades, this can save you a lot of money.

That small crack and leak could turn into a costly emergency if not dealt with. And a minor blockage dealt with today minimizes the risk of a costly burst pipe. Here are a few easy DIY plumbing tips you can do to save money.

Clean Drains Regularly

This is a simple but effective way to prevent drain blockages. Food particles, hair, grease and other waste get thrown into plugholes which over time, start to block pipes and can lead to a pipe breakage. Use plughole meshes to catch hair and food particles before they go down the pipes and routinely pour a drain cleaner down plugholes each month.

Water Saving Shower Head and Faucet

A water saving shower head reduces water usage by up to 50%. This will lower your water bills and preserve precious water resources. The same goes for kitchen and bathroom faucets. Replace with an eco-friendly design, that can reduce water expenditure by up to 30%. Ask your local plumber for recommendations on water saving brands.

Repair Cracks and Leaks

Have you noticed a damp patch on the wall or floor? This could point to a leaking pipe, somewhere in the plumbing system. Even tiny leaks can lead to Litres of water wasted daily. Don’t wait till disaster happens to repair small cracks and leaks. Contact Sweeneys plumbing to find and repair the leak as soon as you can.

Switch to a Low-Flow Toilet

If your toilet is over 10 years old or it continually needs repair, consider upgrading to an eco-friendly model that uses less water and saves you money. Low-flow toilets are made to reduce water use per flush by up to 20%. While you have to pay for an upgrade, the money you’ll save on future water bills is significant.

Replace an Old Hot Water Tank

One of the best plumbing tips to save money is upgrading your Hot water tank. Especially if its 10 years old or more, it could be draining your electricity and gas bills. On demand gas water heaters are a great option, as they only use water that is heated right away. Energy isn’t used to keep hot water stored and warm. If you do keep an old hot water heater, ask your local plumber to drain it every year which helps to improve performance.

Need help upgrading your plumbing? Contact Sweeney’s Plumbing for plumbing maintenance, repairs and money saving tips.

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