Install a New Water Heater Before you are Forced to by an Emergency

The failure of a hot water heater is never a good thing. But the failure of the hot water when you are least expecting it can cause lots of problems in your life, particularly if it happens during cold months of the year.

We install hot water systems in the Sydney metropolitan area and the surrounding suburbs such as Kellyville, Rouse Hill, Winston Hills and Kings Park.

But by performing some simple checks on your hot water system, you can insure that your new hot water heater will be installed on your time table. These simple tests and tips of what to look and listen for will help you avoid any potential emergency replacement of your hot water heaters.

The Facts of Life Regarding Water Heaters

Water heaters have a definite life expectancy of around 8-12 years, any older than that and you are flirting with a potential emergency call to a plumber. Heating elements and temperature sensors give out over time. Minerals in your water supply can corrode your tank and its fittings, causing leaks and slow drips.

If you find any signs of rust and corrosion on the outside of your hot water tank, the best thing to do is call a plumber to make an internal inspection of your tank. Rust and corrosion are the early signs that your hot water tank is nearing the end of its useful life.

Using the Senses – Look, Listen, Feel and Taste

Look at the water from your hot water tank. If it shows any discolouration or looks rusty, it may be time to think about replacing your water heater.

If your hot water heater is making a loud noise on a regular basis whenever it starts up, it may be filled with sediment caused by rust and corrosion. It is a definite sign that your hot water heater is nearing the end.

Water from your hot water tank that suddenly drops in temperature is a sign that your heating element has a problem. You should have your hot water heater examined by a professional to rule out any other problems.

A metallic taste to the water from your hot water tank is also a sign that you should look at replacing your hot water heater as soon as possible.

Pay Attention to Avoid Emergencies

If you experience any of the above symptoms of failure with your hot water heater, it’s best to make plans to replace it before you are forced to at an inconvenient time. Your water heater has supplied you with all the warning signs of imminent failure.

It’s now up to you to make the right decision and replace it quickly and at a time of your choosing.

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