Some Checks That You Can Make on Your Plumbing System by Yourself

When a sudden plumbing emergency happens, it always seems to happen at the worst time. You’re left to scramble to make an emergency appointment with a plumber while you try to deal with the problem as best you can. It can be infuriating. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

By performing checks on your plumbing system on a regular basis, you can avoid many plumbing emergencies. A lot of these checks are simply common sense preventative measures that will save you grief down the road if done properly and regularly.

Keep Your Plumbing System Clear of All Debris

This is by far one of the most common emergencies plumbers face on a daily basis. It applies to drains, pipes and septic systems.

If your sink is draining sluggishly, spend some time cleaning it out. Hair in bathroom sinks and food debris in kitchen sinks can build up and will clog up your drains if left too long between cleanings. It’s generally a simple chore to unscrew or remove the drain covers in your kitchen and bathroom sinks and remove any debris that is causing the problem.

The same thing goes for your taps and shower heads. Although you may have to call in a plumber to fix the problem, it’s certainly doesn’t need to be an emergency call.

If the water pressure in your shower is becoming less and less, or tap water is discoloured and running slowly, it may mean that you have the beginnings of a debris blockage in your pipes.

Toilets and Septic Systems Should be in Top Working Order

Faulty toilets and clogged septic systems can be a nightmare. If you notice that your toilet is constantly running or is slow to flush, it may be a sign that your toilet mechanism parts are wearing out.

Septic systems are something that should be checked once a year for blockages by a qualified drain specialist. Tree roots can play havoc on a septic system. If you have trees near your septic line, have the line checked on an annual basis.

There are many drain specialists in the Sydney area that also serve the suburbs like Annangrove, Bella Vista, Carlingsford and Kenthurst.

Hot Water Systems Can Fail at the Worst Times

Few things are as annoying as jumping in the shower only to find that your hot water system has failed. Sensors and heating elements are the most common failure points in hot water systems. Make sure yours are within their manufacturer-recommended life-span. Have them replaced if they get too old or show signs of wear.

Test the pressure in your tank and make sure it doesn’t exceed the manufacturer’s recommended water pressure limits. A tank that is over-pressurised can crack, causing leaks and possible flooding issues in your home.

By making these simple tests on your plumbing system, you will hopefully never have to make an emergency call to a plumber again.

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