Some Gas Safety Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe and Sound

There can be a lot of satisfaction in rolling up your sleeves, getting out your toolbox and doing repairs around the house yourself. You save money and don’t have to sit around waiting for a repair service to show up.

But there are some jobs that you should definitely leave to qualified experts. Any job that concerns your gas appliances fits into this category. Working with a gas appliance or gas line is potentially dangerous for a person who is not qualified for this work.

This includes simply checking the appliances or gas lines. Whether you’ve owned your home for a while or have just bought a new home, having your gas appliances and lines checked by a qualified plumber is something you should have done on an annual basis.

Gas is popular in the greater Sydney area as well as the suburbs like Middle Dural, Dural, Kings Park and Galston. Make sure you use it safely.

Have a Carbon Monoxide Detector Installed

For an extra measure of safety against a gas leak, have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home. For less than a hundred dollars you can provide your family with the protection that a carbon monoxide detector delivers.

They are easily installed and you have your choice of both hard-wired and battery operated models to choose from. Some of them also do double duty and as smoke detectors.

Check that Your Ventilation Areas are Not Clogged

One chore that you can do yourself is to make sure that any ventilation grills or bricks in your home are not clogged with debris.

These are vital in circulating air around you home. They could mean the difference between life and death in the event of a gas leak. Simply insert any cloth wrapped stick in between the grates and pull out anything that is obstructing them.

Have Your Gas Appliances and Lines Checked by a Qualified Technician

You should get in the habit of making an appointment with a qualified gas technician on an annual basis to have all of the gas appliances, fittings and lines in your home checked for leaks.

An annual check is the best gas safety task you can have performed. If you’re buying a new home, ask the seller if they have any record of past gas safety checks that have been performed. If the answer is no, you should have a safety check performed before you move into the home.

In a gas safety check the technician will check all the fittings, hoses and gas lines for leaks and signs of wear and age. They will make a list of any that they feel should be replaced. You should heed their warnings and have the ones they noted replaced as soon as possible.

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