Sewer Drain Repairs and Replacements

Is your Sydney sewer drain system in urgent need of repair? Sweeney’s Plumbing are here to help with affordable sewer drain repairs and replacements. Every property needs a working sewer system. The function of this system is to funnel waste water away to where it’s treated and released back into the environment.

If you your sewer drain has stopped working due to a tree root invasion, cracked pies, misalignment or complete collapse, it can become a health hazard where unsanitary water gets backed up. Our expert plumbers can solve any sewer problem fast with no dig relining, patching, emergency repair and replacement services.

Signs Your Sewer Drain Needs Repairs

It’s tempting to ignore your sewer drains and think they’ll work forever. But, if you notice any of the following signs, call us immediately:

  • Stinky odours coming from drains, sinks or showers
  • Water backing up in the shower, sink or bathtub
  • One or multiple drains moving slower than usual
  • Gurgling sounds coming from a drain
Sewer Drain

We Use the Latest CCTV Drain Inspection Equipment

Using the latest hi-tech drain cameras, our expert plumbers can locate any drain sewer problem, no matter how deep down. Once we have a clear picture of what’s going on, we’ll put a plan together to repair the drain quickly. Common problems include tree root invasion, pipe or drain cracks, a collapsed drain or misalignment issues.

Sewer round hatch with a grate on an asphalt road.

Fixed Price Quotes for Sewer Drain Repair and Replacement

While every sewer drain repair and replacement is different, we always provide a free, fixed quote and don’t add on any nasty, extra fees. We believe in transparent, fair pricing and are proud to offer the most affordable rates in Sydney! Before any work commences, you’re in control and have to approve the quote. And, you can enjoy our quality workmanship guarantee, so you know the work we do will stand the test of time.

Skilled and Professional Sydney Plumbers You Can Trust

Our team is extremely experienced and have been repairing and replacing sewer drains throughout Sydney for years.
  • Upfront pricing
  • Quality workmanship guarantee
  • Licensed and insured plumbers
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • On time, every time

Sewer Drain Repair and Replacement FAQs

We use the latest hi-tech CCTV drain cameras to search out problems deep in the sewer system. This allows us to get a clear picture of the issue, so a plan can be made to get your drain working again.

We use trenchless no dig pipe patch relining, to clean and repair your sewer drains. This saves time and thousands of dollars in costly dig ups.

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