Toilet and Cistern Installations


Does your toilet need to be replaced? Is the cistern constantly filling or leaking? It may be time to call in Sweeney’s Plumbing, who are toilet and cistern installation specialists in Northern Sydney. Our expert plumbers supply and install toilets and cisterns, including all the major brands such as Rocca, Caroma, Raymor, Clark, Vileroy and Boch, American Standard and any others.

Our team are experienced, friendly and highly qualified Master Plumbers. We always show up on time, provide upfront pricing, work safely and will clean up before we leave. If you’re having trouble with your toilet, one of our expert plumbers can assess what needs to be done, which might include replacing parts or installing an entirely new system. However, you can be rest assured we’ll provide the most cost effective solution for your needs.

Safe and Efficient Toilet Repair and Installation

A new toilet needs to be installed by a qualified plumber. Toilets and cisterns contain many different parts that need to be connected properly and firmly anchored. If mistakes are made, this can lead to leaks and at worst – a tipping toilet! The team at Sweeney’s Plumbing know how to fit toilets and cisterns safely so they last the test of time.

Up-Front Toilet Installation Costs with No Hidden Fees

One of our team will take a look at your toilet and give you an up-front quote. This ensures you know what you’re paying and won’t get any nasty, hidden fees, even if complications crop up. What we quote is what you pay and our workmanship is guaranteed!

Frequently Asked Questions

You might want to save a few dollars by installing a toilet yourself, but it’s not recommended. A toilet should only be installed by a licensed, trained plumber. This ensures your toilet will work efficiently and safely and that you adhere to strict Australian Standards.

The time it takes to install a toilet will depend on the type of toilet and your home plumbing situation. But, on average, it should take between one and four hours.

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